Mastering calls for

We are here to help you. The telephone. We all know it, and everyone has at least a phone in some form. Reach your (potential) customers in one quick dial, SMS or other method of contacting them. Catchbee delivers not only calls, but experiences for your workflow. Get started below.

Web-Based Phone
With our web-based phone you can call from anywhere in the world to everywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

You can customize and extend your campaign and dashboard with useful widgets build to enhance your experience.

Every phone can receive text messages. You can send them right from your campaign or dashboard.

Customizable Campaigns
Every campaign has other requirements. Decide what data your employee’s need to see and which widgets you want to use.

Integrate your data from other services with a customizable API call to endpoints you decide. Create your own widget.

Phone Numbers
Get in- and outbound Phone Numbers from around the globe and use them for your contact options in your campaigns.

Instant Customer Data
When you call or get called and you already know the customer, the data will instantly appear. No clicks needed.

Manage your teams
Create teams for campaigns and add more employee’s to your seats. It doesn’t matter how many employees. We’re up to it.

Campaign Firewall
Decide which addresses or locations can access certain parts of the dashboard or campaigns you run.

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Cloud based solution 

Forget initial investment costs. Forget on-premise servers and routing boards. Catchbee is a fully managed cloud-based solution. Everything you need to do, reachable anywhere and everywhere around the world. You manage your customers. We manage the infrastructure.

Seat based pricing 

Don’t pay too much for your software. As a solution provider we think you should only pay for what you get. You can setup seats for your employees. We will only bill the activated seats and their actions. There are no sign-up fees or minimum costs.









Keep it clean

Catchbee has a lot to offer. To keep your workspace clean and simple we decided to break everything up into apps. An apps always fulfills a single purpose.

Every seperate app is fully controllable. This means that you decide who’s allowed to view and/or use an app and it’s actions inside it. Grant people access to what they need. You’ll always know who has access to what data. And no worries, we’ll log everything.

Multiple channels

Catchbee offers multiple channels to contact your customers with or even to let them contact you with. Don’t stop with calling. To create and maintain leads or to offer full support to your customers it is important that you can contact them in the way they prefer. This can be calling, but this can be something else too. We got you covered.

We got you covered

The Catchbee customer contact platform has you covered. It doesn’t matter what your use case is. Our customizable platform is ready to be deployed and configured. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for support or sales purposes. 

Customer Support
Support all your customers the best way possible and with the channel they prefer. Get their information and data in just a call or a few clicks.

Our software is the perfect fit for callcenters. Get information from within your calling campaign, or when it is inbound, about the caller.

Want to sell your product? We can help. With the fully fledged suite we offer you can create audiences and campaigns to manage every sale with every aspect.

Small Bussiness
Just starting? We give you all the tools you need to stay in contact with your current and potentially new customers. Sell and Support with one platform.

We love to strengthen your workflow. But we are not alone. Catchbee integrates with third-party apps to bring your contact flow to king status.

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