Catchbee is your all-in-one customer contact center. Packed with usefull utilities and features we think every contact center needs to improve their flow. It’s time to upgrade your customer contact flow. And of course the software used for it. Made possible with powerful features and strong integrations. Ready to use within minutes.

Virtual phone

Receive inbound and make outbound calls with your own virtual phone reachable from everywhere with an internet connection. 

Campaign firewall
Security should be a top priority. Our campaign firewall makes this very easy. Block certain access to devices, locations  or network addresses for certain locations.

You can also whitelist certain network addresses and block everything else. It’s really up to you.
Get started in minutes

No sales-talk or on premise configuration needed. Due to our automatized onboarding you can get started and calling within minutes!

Powerful Integrations

Catchbee offers some powerful integrations with other services to make your contact flow even better. If an integration is missing you could always create one yourself.

Campaign dashboard

A centralized place for all your contact campaigns. Easy to edit with our drag and drop editor. Place the widgets you need where you see suit for them.

Perfect widgets

Widgets are sections for your dashboard. But that’s a really short description. They are powerful. Widgets contain useful functions for your campaign.

Get started with our widgets that for example let you look up a company or shows you customer information or create one yourself with an easy to use endpoint.

Widgets are making every campaign unique and yours. They fit in your contact flow how you see suit.

Clear statistics

Keep track on every contact with your customer. Keep track on consumable usage. Be the allseeing eye of your customer contact flow.

Join our adventure

Keep yourself informed for the launch information. Let’s build great modern software together.