Do you like what you see? You haven’t seen the best of it all. The inexpensive cost for a full featured contact center. We think that pricing transparancy is very important. You’ll find all the pricing here. You see it correctly: there are no different packages. Everyone gets all the features. Any questions? Our sales team is happy to answer!
Up to 3 seats
19,99 / seat

4 to 20 seats

18,99 / seat

21 to 50 seats

16,99 / seat
When you require more then 50 seats please contact our sales team. We’ll create a custom plan according to your needs. You can always manage the amount of seats you want. Please note that an unoccupied seat will be billed. The mimimum amount of seats you need is two. There are no registration fees.


Every seat consumes a resource. These resources are not always included in the seat. Some of them have a seperate pricing. When you’re looking for phone numbers or the call widget, this is the right place. If you can’t find the pricing you need please contact our sales team. They are always eager to help you.

Phone numbers

A phone number is required to receive in- and outbound calls. The price differs per country.

From 1,10 / Number & Month
Outbound call

Every minute you call a customer is seen as an outbound call. The price differs per country.

From 0,25 / Minute (Landline)

Inbound call

Every minute a customer calls you is seen as an inbound call. The price differs per country.

From 0,0030 / Minute
Text message

Send your customer a text message (also known as SMS) worldwide. The price differs per destination.

From 0,085 / Message

Our pricing is shown in minutes, but we charge per second.

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